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Ivancheglo, for his part, has called the September DCI report “ academic fraud ” and said on Twitter that Heilman “ should be scared ” because there were lawyers working on the issue. Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson volunteered to pay Heilman’s legal expenses if he is sued by Ivancheglo. (After this article was published, Sønstebø reached out to Motherboard to clarify that the IOTA Foundation as an entity has not threatened any legal action.)

“This is crypto-FUD 101,” Sønstebø wrote Motherboard in an email, referring to the acronym for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” commonly used in cryptocurrency circles.

Nerd fights aside, the controversy between IOTA and the DCI team highlights a couple key things about experimental technology of the kind that IOTA employs.

First, experimental approaches often don’t work perfectly right away. The IOTA team wrote in June of 2017 that the technology “is still beta software in continuous production” and is not “production ready.” In the algorithm switch announcement in August, IOTA referred to the current phase of the network as the “training wheel stage,” necessitating extra security measures like the closed-source Coordinator.

Second, startups have to be diligently transparent. As Heilman noted in a July 19 email to the IOTA team, it wasn’t initially clear if cryptographic collisions break IOTA’s security scheme because the technical details behind the IOTA project are not thoroughly described anywhere. In a January post responding to criticisms, the IOTA team wrote, “We take full responsibility for the poor state of current documentation.”

Finally, experimental technology is not always the best choice for mission-critical stuff, like securing tons of money. This is true for IOTA, but also for other digital currencies; In March of 2017 Ethereum Foundation developer Vlad Zamfir tweeted , “Ethereum isn't safe or scalable. It is immature experimental tech. Don't rely on it for mission critical apps unless absolutely necessary!” Of course, there are degrees of experimentation—with IOTA being on the more extreme end—but Zamfir was still right.

Sometimes you just need some prime beef to remind you of the facts.

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