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• Black and White / Grayscale • Effective resolution 300 DPI or better • Please include all fonts and images if submitting a psd or indesign file • ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS: TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF


For more sponsorship information and availability, please contact Anna Kim at (212) 343-9300 Ext. 110 or email [email protected] . Our sponsors will be recognized at the event and in the journal. Please help us to make this year very special!

Please help us to make this year very special!

SUNSET COCKTAIL RECEPTION Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(4) Sponsorships at $5,000.00 eachOR$20,000.00 single Sponsorship


AFTERGLOW PARTY Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(3) Sponsorships at $6,000.00 eachOR$18,000.00 single sponsorship


VIP TABLE Table for Student design competition winners, emerging professionals, and special guests of the Lumen$5,600.00 single sponsorship


RED CARPET ENTRY $4,000.00 single sponsorship


PHOTO KIOSK $4,000.00 single sponsorship


FLOWERS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


DECORATIONS $3,500.00 for single sponsorship


ENTERTAINMENT / SPECIAL EFFECTS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


SHUTTLE BUS SPONSOR SOLD OUT $3,000.00 for single sponsorship


The Lumen Awards were established in 1968 by the New York City Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNYC) and developed to publicly recognize excellence, professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design with the following distinct award categories: Lumen Award of Excellence Highest level of achievement for a permanent architectural application Lumen Award of Merit Meritorious achievement for permanent architectural application Lumen Citation Special recognition for a permanent or temporary lighting installation, technical detail, portion of a single project, or other work

L'Etoile Du Nord Cafe

Seasonal. Regional. Homemade.

Everything we offer is made from scratch with only the finest local, organic and seasonally available ingredients. Special thanks to the folks from Twin City Organics, Clover Bee Farm, St. Croix Gardens, Star Prairie Trout Farm Yker Acres for today's inspirations.

The menu draws on Belgian family recipes, starting with our Liège-style waffles and continues with savory stone-hearth-baked meals.

To compliment our menu, we offer handpicked Belgian beers, wines and other thoughtful pairings. And of course there’s our coffee, roasted to perfection in house.

bread pudding french toast // $11

with spiced bananas yogurt

caramelized pear cobbler // $9

with squash granola

roasted root vegetable omelette // $12

with olives red pepper chèvre

eggs benedict // $15

with ham, cabbage, carrot, celery root puree, poached egg hollandaise

soup du jour // $4, 8

beef barley root vegetable

purple carrot gratin // $14

with ham, caramelized onions, red pepper puree gruyere

flatbread sandwich // $16

with walleye fillet, red pepper radish slaw, aioli, crispy capers fried egg

stone hearth pizza du jour // $15

with tomatoes, capers, carrots, radish, red pepper chèvre herb pesto over garbanzo bean puree

poached pear // $9

with whipped cream walnuts

nutty // $9

with house made Nutella bananas

powdered // $6

with powdered sugar whipped cream

pear oatmeal scone // $3.25 cranberry ginger scone // $3.50 belgian chocolate brownie // $4.95 liege waffle // $3

with chocolate 3.50

galette // $4.25 ham brioche // $4.25

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To illustrate, Ben-Oni’s “ Agunah ” begins with the lines

In absentia, he holds—you, tichel -crumpled, bare-legged and humbled, shown your hair in the shuq, shorn of husband.

which I suspect are intended to awaken me to the predicament of a women who “has been abandoned by her husband” and is caught in a legal purgatory. Instead, the lines pluck too hard upon the heart-strings. Even if I did more background research, I’d still see the poem’s stitching, not the subject the poem hoped to speak about. “Palms of Lebanon” opens with similar straining: “a lull in war / the last trunks mourn / new bullet thorns.” And when “The Current Political Situation of the Roma” finds its central polemic voice interrupted by an italicized workshop critic’s voice—“ Begins too vague ,” “ Not quite sure about your tone here ,” “ Personal narrative is unacceptable ”—I wonder why Ben-Oni doesn’t forego the workshop lyric with its supposedly petty strictures and adopt a slam, language, documentary, conceptual or whatever poetics for Solecism instead.

But I won’t wonder too long. Because too often the sound play is really good, as with lines like “When night was an octave lower, / and our eyes owl-wide” or “I’m a lychee peel in peril / Plates tipping off the table / By catnipped paw.” Too often the line breaks are really good:

giving way to a wonder as simple and young as us sliding in our socks below a carillon of waking birds and rain, as drawing the first weevil from the cracks.

Too often, Ben-Oni’s imagination delights, as when she renders “The Gangster as Narwhal”: “how well you play a drowned / corpse, my deep diver, far from swan-spined // or supple-sighted.” It is through her skill with the means as much through her aims that I am transported, that I am allowed “on the other side / of the sealed window,” that I am permitted to glimpse the donkey in the dust storm.

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Solecism at Powell’s City of Books.
Solecism at Virtual Artists Collective.

Solecism at Solecism at Powell’s City of Books. Solecism at Virtual Artists Collective.

Jeremy Behreandt lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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